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Pediatric First Aid (Level 2 International Award) By Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance

  • Duration: 6 hours including Q&A
    Language options: English
    Validity of Certificate: 3 years
    Approved by: Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC), Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Service (DCAS), and Municipality and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)
    Cost: 450 per person in open course, group rates apply
    Who should attend: Teachers, teaching assistants, play area staff, nursery staff, sports coaches, and anyone who is specific to infants aged 0 to 1, and children aged from 1 year old to the onset of puberty. Parents and Home Help can also benefit from our course.



    Class Times 09.00 - 16.00

    August 26th

    EMAIL : Contact: M: +971 56 887 4772

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    This one-day Pediatric Emergency First Aid course has been designed for those who have an interest in child and infant basic life support. If you are a child-minder or school teacher etc, then this course fulfils the requirements of the KHDA, the Dubai Municipality, OFSTED and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

    Do you own or manage a child related business in the UAE? Your staff are in constant care of children of all ages, and with so much excitement accidents could happen. Congratulations for choosing to embark on training your team in first aid. You are the elite of childcare, nurseries, kindergartens, schools, play areas, sports centers, and are showing a true care for the children. At the end of the course, you will be able to display your certificates in your lobby for parents to see , and we will even give you a logo to place on your website to show that you are a responsible educator.

    We offer the Highfield Pediatric courses as the perfect solution to your first aid needs, please see below for a course description and more details on how to make your play area safe and child friendly.

    We are a fully accredited training center, with fully qualified nurse trainers. Please visit our accreditations page for full details of our licenses and permits. Furthermore we have full insurance coverage for our premises, instructors and trainees during courses.

    Our courses are taught in an entertaining yet educational video based manner. Courses can be held on your premises or in our training facility. For group bookings please call +971 4 343 3799

    Course content:

    • Responsibilities and reporting
    • Assessment of the situation
    • Resuscitation (CPR)
    • Minor injuries (cuts, burns, head and eye injuries...)
    • Epilepsy
    • Choking
    • Dealing with an unresponsive casualty
    • Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)
    • Wounds and bleeding

    Teaching methodology:
    A variety of training methods will be employed to ensure the learning experience is memorable, including:

    • Video demonstrations
    • Group activities
    • Hands on practice on infant/child manikins
    • Ice breaker quiz to start & recap quiz at the end

    This one-day Pediatric Emergency First Aid course has been designed for those who have an interest in child and infant basic life support. If you are a child-minder or school teacher, etc.,


    • Certificate of Completion will be available within 14 days post training date and can be collected at our office in Business Bay. We can issue you email of completion while you are waiting for your certificate.

    Please note: Students are required to provide a passport copy for registration purposes

    • Who delivers the workshops?
      The Perfect Help trainers are all internationally accredited first aid instructors and qualified nurses with hospital experience. All instructors have been approved by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, the regulatory body for First Aid in Dubai.

      Who are the courses designed for?
      Our course is suitable Teachers, teaching assistants, any nursery staff member, or anyone else who is in contact with infants, toddlers and children. Parents and Home Help are also welcome.

      How many staff should I send for training?
      his depends entirely on the size of your company, industry sector and how much you value the safety of your staff, customers and materials. If you are a general trading company we recommend you have at least 2 first aiders to always have one on duty. Please call us for more information on required numbers.

      Do you offer special rates for big groups?
      Yes we offer group rates, please call us on +971 4 343 3799 for more information

      Where are the courses held?
      We can teach in your company venue, or at our training centre in Business Bay, in Dubai.

      What is required to have a course at our company premises?
      We come to offices in all emirates to teach for groups and require at least 10 - 12 students per session.

      Do you teach at weekends?
      Yes, we teach 6 days a week and can adapt our timings to suit your needs. Saturday – Thursday.